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Ingredients, Nature and our Beginnings

“Every question you will ever have, the answer you will find in nature.”
- Bryce Courtney, The power of one

I love that quote, nature is an awesome example of balance. We can all get so out of whack in our lives. Friends, love, diet, exercise, you…. Life…. They all need balance. There is even a new disorder, Orthorexia, an obsession with eating healthy. I can fall into this at times because honestly, the more you know about our current food system the worse it is. Do I wish I could just take a pill like in the Matrix and go on eating GMO’s, pesticides and fluoride in my water? No, I don’t. But if you constantly worry about it to the point where it causes you stress then all the healthy food in the world won’t keep you healthy. Stress trumps it all.

I founded this company in 2001 after a playing field hockey for the US National Team for 11 years. As an Olympic athlete healthy food was obviously a big part of my life. But back then, as an athlete, I equated being skinny and fit with health. Sure exercise is a big part of it, but in my quest for gold (and coming in 5th) I trashed my adrenals, joints, muscles and ended up with a full blown auto immune disease of the thyroid. A low fat, high carb diet is what we thought was healthy.  And lots of energy drinks with food colorings, synthetic salts and sugar. (yeah, a LOT of sugar)  Boy what I would give now to go back and make sure I had pastured meats, raw dairy from grass fed animals, good fats from nuts and coconut and better water! Well, actually I wouldn’t go back, I much prefer yoga and surfing now. But I do hope to help educate athletes, mom’s, kids, everyone on the benefits of real food. I often say “it’s not just about selling bars for us”, and it isn’t. If it was we would have made a very different bar.  One that could retail for .99 and we’d source the cheapest ingredients, add a boat load of sugar to make it taste ok and market the heck out of it.That’s just not who we are.

We are part of the movement and want to take food back from the multi-national corporations that feed us. It’s time to understand what we are eating, find local sources and tap back into decisions that benefit the earth. Because we are of the earth, every single thing we do here matters, it is a closed loop. When you drink a sports drink with a coloring that is petroleum based, you are supporting the companies that think it’s ok to put gas in your body! Those companies don’t care about anything except profits. And the health of the earth as well as the health of your body doesn’t cross their mind.

After hockey I opened a cafe, GoodOnYa Deli. The idea was to bring healthy food to corporate America. So I could surf and apply balance to my life I opened the deli’s in corporate centers. That way we were closed nights, weekends and holidays.

Our entire deli menu is selected with the health of our customers in mind. We are constantly looking for better, healthier, unprocessed alternatives. Our bread is organic, our meat is minimally processed and totally natural. We even use Organic, raw milk that we get straight from the farm each week!  Organic and/or Fair Trade Coffee. We banned splenda and aspartame from our coffee bar because we can’t in good conscience provide those after we watched this documentary.

We care about what we eat and we care about you. We search out and support as many local vendors as possible. You can read about them on our GoodOnYa Deli Cafe vendor page.

We are a totally plastic free café using to go containers made of compostable materials like sugar cane, bamboo, wheat straw and reeds. The little things add up.

The GoodOnYa bar is a natural extension of the deli. Our customers are always looking for something quick to grab. We try to slow them down but it doesn’t work. We bought a variety of bars over the years, the same ones I ate when I was an athlete, but we found ourselves bored and at times shocked at the nutritional content. We didn’t even know what soy protein isolate was and that was in almost every bar we tried. We don’t like ingredients that aren’t directly from nature. We just don’t think you should be eating things you can make yourself.  So we decided to make our own, and here we are.

This nutrition bar is unlike any other on the market. Our motto is “Every Ingredient Matters” because every single thing that goes into each organic nutrition bar has a nutritional purpose. This is real food. It’s food from nature. We have been so conditioned to look at the #’s in the nutritional panel that we have ignored what the actual ingredients are! We have ignored what we are eating! Some people comment that our bar has too much fat. A cup of almonds has 47g of fat. And you can buy cookies that are “fat free”. We don’t argue with nature. It’s not about the #’s, it’s about WHAT you are eating.

Money, Transparency and Twinkies!

We want you to feel good about what you are eating and who you are supporting. We will never cut corners. People often complain about the high cost of organic food. There are a lot of reasons why food cost what it does. A major one is that we, you and me, buy twinkies every single day. That’s right. Our tax dollars go to subsidize corn, soy and wheat. These huge genetically engineered mono crops are ruining the health of our soil, our waterways and our bodies. If the government helped local organic farms instead of huge corporations that only care about cheap food, organic food would be cheaper and fruit loops would cost more. The organic farmer has to pay extra fees to prove his food is organic while the chemical food makers don’t have to prove a thing. It’s totally backwards. We pay an additional $4000 a year to be certified organic. Food should be food, and when you add chemicals the consumer should know about it. But we don’t have a lobby in Washington. And our little emails and letters won’t do a thing. The ONLY thing that will make a corporation change are sales! If you stop buying it, they won’t make it. The most important vote you do each day is when you buy something. That is our lobby!

Here is something most companies won’t tell you. If you have read everything up to this point you are the type of person that already values the level of ingredients we have in our bar. So you know how expensive they are. If you went to the co op and bought bulk nuts, organic maple syrup, raw honey it would cost you a fortune. True, we get to buy these things at wholesale and you are paying retail, but you get my point. The fact that a twinkie, that has 39 ingredients can cost more than a carrot shows how messed up things are. Watch this!

Here is another reason why food cost more….. Distribution! If we made bars and sold it only to our neighbors at the farmers market, and our organic ingredients were subsidized by the government maybe we could sell our bar for less. But I don’t think that is the issue, the issue is mostly about our countries obsession with cheap food. We are always trying to get more for less. Is that the way we should be looking at what we put in our bodies? Shouldn’t quality trump value? With 80% of our immune system in our digestive track it’s either pay now or pay later at the hospital. Here are some #’s that just might astonish you.

We sell our bar for $2.69. Of that we give up 30-44% to the store that sells them. Another 20% to the distributor that takes them there. And 10% to the rep that makes sure the store is doing their job and ordering when the stock is low. You would think that for 30-40% the store could do this part, but most don’t.

So with the 30-40% that we have left we pay for this stuff:

  • Wages for in house staff (not reps)
  • Payroll taxes
  • Workers comp
  • Health Insurance (we pay 1/2 for anyone who works for us that wants it)
  • Rent
  • Demo fees at $20/hr plus cost of product
  • Free cases of bars for most stores before they agree to carry us
  • The actual ingredients, known as food cost.
  • The cost of wrappers and boxes and shipping boxes
  • Local events cost to promote the bar
  • Advertising
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll fee to process payroll
  • Uniforms
  • Electricity
  • Phone and Internet
  • Etc I am sure I am forgetting something. I am going to stop before I realize this isn’t a viable business:)
Now I don’t want to imply we don’t love what we are doing. WE DO! We do it because we love the bar, we love the company and we honestly want to do something positive. The employees that work for us each have a stake in the company with private stock. We are dedicated to this and to you. This is who we are! Passionate about what is right and wrong with food in our country. We are passionate about nature because we surf and skate and snowboard. We don’t get upset when someone at a street fair complains that our bar is $2.69 and I look across the street and you can get a duffle bag full of GMO kettle corn for $4.00. We know we are up against a lot and we are ready for the challenge.
We will make our bars, run our café and do our best. Surf after work and then sleep at night.
Thank you for being a part of our day and taking the time to read my thoughts. If you ever want to contact me, I am here.

“Every Ingredient Matters”… every single one… because You Matter.

Kristen Buchanan
Founder of GoodOnYa



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