“Natural” is not so natural…

Many products that claim to be “natural” are filled with stuff you couldn’t find in nature – including chemical additives, high fructose corn syrup and genetically engineered ingredients.

So what does NATURAL really mean? This funny video about “The False Advertising Industry” reveals the shocking truth about what is allowed in “Natural” food. Only the USDA Organic Seal guarantees your food contains no Genetically Modified Organisms, no toxic pesticides, and no growth hormones or antibiotics. Share the truth with your friends. Learn more online at http://www.onlyorganic.org/

We feel processed grains have no place in our diet and offer no health benefits. Our Gluten Free Energy Bars are totally unprocessed, Non GMO and Certified Organic. They are a unique combination of real food, high quality sweeteners, delicious and very good for you.


GMO OMG director and concerned father Jeremy Seifert is in search of answers. How do GMOs affect our children, the health of our planet, and our freedom of choice? And perhaps the ultimate question, which Seifert tests himself: is it even possible to reject the food system currently in place, or have we lost something we can’t gain back? These and other questions take Seifert on a journey from his family’s table to Haiti, Paris, Norway, and the lobby of agra-giant Monsanto, from which he is unceremoniously ejected. Along the way we gain insight into a question that is of growing concern to citizens the world over: what’s on your plate? - See more at: http://www.gmofilm.com

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Staying Gluten Free Through the Holidays

“Gluten-free” is all the rage today and for good reason. Gluten is a protein that is found in foods processed from wheat, barley and rye and is found in cereals, bread, pasta and almost all processed foods. The incidence of gluten allergies and gluten sensitivity is on the rise, which can cause gut irritation, inflammation and in some cases, neurological effects.

Following a gluten-free lifestyle is much easier these days as many companies are coming out with gluten free products and recipes are now using gluten-free alternatives. With many choices, it is possible to stay gluten-free through the holidays with the following tips.

Gluten Free Thanksgiving Dinner

Turkey Day: traditional dishes consumed on Thanksgiving include: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy, green bean casserole, baked yams, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie. Stuffing, gravy, casserole and pie all have gluten in them. For the stuffing, either use gluten-free bread in place of regular bread or omit the bread portion altogether and you can still make a delicious filling. You can make the gravy with a recipe that uses arrowroot powder or coconut flour as an alternative to traditional wheat flour. If you want a savory green bean casserole, cook your own onions and bread with coconut flour instead of using the pre-made canned, fried onions. And finally, serve a gluten-free pumpkin pie by going “crust-free” or by using a gluten-free flour mix for the crust.

Baking: The holiday period is definitely a time to indulge in sweet treats like cookies, pumpkin bread, banana bread, pies and more. Again, in most of these recipes you can replace traditional wheat flour with arrowroot powder, almond meal or coconut flour and they still taste delicious! Try out some recipes at home and make your own adjustments to get the flavor just the way you like it.

Holiday Parties: Remaining gluten-free is definitely the most difficult at holiday parties or when going out to eat when you do not have control of the ingredients. It is best to stick to meat, vegetables and fruits when eating out. There are many gluten-free side dish options like mashed potatoes, yams, grilled vegetables, salad and soup. Don’t be afraid to ask your server if they have gluten-free options available. Also, make sure you enquire about “hidden gluten” in salad dressings, marinades and soy sauce. There is almost always an option and if not, bring your own condiments!

Benefits of staying gluten-free through the holidays include: stabilizing your blood sugar so that you don’t experience the afternoon “crash” during all of the festivities, reducing inflammation in the body, avoiding that “stuffed” feeling you normally get after a big meal and keeping that pesky weight off! Approach the New Year feeling vibrant, healthy and happy by exploring gluten-free holiday alternatives.

Guest post by:
Shanna Mota, Holistic Nutritionist
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GMO Labeling Around the World

As of September of 2012, 64 countries around the world require labeling of genetically engineered foods.  Unfortunately, the United States is not one of them.

GMO Labeling around the World

The original data for this map comes from “Genetically Engineered Food Labeling Laws” map by Center for Food Safety,  published September 2012.

Below is the full list of countries that require labeling (as of September 2012).

  1. Australia
  2. Austria
  3. Belarus
  4. Belgium
  5. Bolivia
  6. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  7. Brazil
  8. Bulgaria
  9. Cameroon
  10. China
  11. Croatia
  12. Cyprus
  13. Czech Republic
  14. Denmark
  15. Ecuador
  16. El Salvador
  17. Estonia
  18. Ethiopia
  19. Finland
  20. France
  21. Germany
  22. Greece
  23. Hungary
  24. Iceland
  25. India
  26. Indonesia
  27. Ireland
  28. Italy
  29. Japan
  30. Jordan
  31. Kazakhstan
  32. Kenya
  33. Latvia
  34. Lithuania
  35. Luxembourg
  36. Malaysia
  37. Mali
  38. Malta
  39. Mauritius
  40. Netherlands
  41. New Zealand
  42. Norway
  43. Peru
  44. Poland
  45. Portugal
  46. Romania
  47. Russia
  48. Saudi Arabia
  49. Senegal
  50. Slovakia
  51. Slovenia
  52. South Africa
  53. South Korea
  54. Spain
  55. Sri Lanka
  56. Sweden
  57. Switzerland
  58. Taiwan
  59. Thailand
  60. Tunisia
  61. Turkey
  62. Ukraine
  63. United Kingdom
  64. Vietnam

Raw Honey Benefits

Raw Honey Benefits

Honey is one of natures sweetest, most delicious foods and considered an ancient medicine. Honey in its pure, unfiltered raw form is a healing food. Raw Honey Benefits are many, It contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants and is an alkaline to the body. Raw honey’s medicinal properties are outstanding, it is an anti-viral, anti-inflamatory, and anti-fungal. In fact the inside of a bee hive has been noted to be the cleanest place on earth, free from all disease. You see the amazing little bees enter the hive to feed the queen bee and keep her alive, they are working for her big time! So on their way into the hive their bodies get scraped along the sides and the propolis comes off. That substance alone is the most powerful anti-viral food known to mankind! Amazing how nature works.

Raw honey also aids the digestive system, stabilizes blood pressure as well as sugar levels, relieves pain and is calming to the nervios system. Raw honey has been used to treat asthma, bronchities and seasonal allergies. Its no wonder this miracle food has been used for thousands of years in ayurvedic medicine. In our country it’s illegal to say food is medicine, so we aren’t really saying any of this to you right now, it’s just what we have read and been taught in school.

Why Raw Honey?

Honey should always be consumed raw, when raw honey is pasteurized the heating process destroys essential nutrients, enzymes and minerals. Heat literally changes the structure of honey, making it just as bad as refined sugar. And that is why it gets a bad wrap!

Heat is not the only thing manipulating the properties of honey. Today’s genetically engineered crops are treated with toxic pesticides which the honey bees are exposed to as well. A recent study from Purdue University found a multitude of pesticides and machinery exhaust in the soil of unplanted fields, specially those close to bt corn crops and on dandelions near by. These chemicals were also found in dead bees near the hive and in the pollen and nectar. Incredibly sad.

The honey from intoxicated bees is no honey at all but a chemical cocktail presenting a threat to humans and to life itself! Bees are of vital importance to our food chain. Italy, France, Germany and other countries have taken action to protect their pollinators, however U.S regulators remain paralyzed. Europe has banned millions of pounds of contaminated honey that is being smuggled to the U.S from China, containing illegal antibiotics and heavy metals which cause DNA damage and cancer. This honey lacks any trace of pollen, so we can say its not even honey at all and still is being sold as so big box stores and conventional grocery stores.

Studies found an average of six chemicals per bee and thirty one per bee hive. This is an alarming fact that is threatening the balance of all life!!! Of course chemical companies tell us the chemicals are safe, they have even studied them! Yeah right! But we know for certain they have not studied them in the combination we are finding inside the honey!

Geez, seems dire huh? Well it sort of is. With the work they do bees are responsible for approximately 30% of our food crops! So what do we do?

Organic, raw, local would be the gold standard. Now, the local part might be tough.

Questions to ask your local farmer:

  • What kind of crates to they use? Metal crates are not good, this metal can contaminate the food.
  • Do they give their bees any feed at all?
  • Bees should be in the wild doing their natural thing. Some bees are fed HFCS.

Is the honey certified organic?

This might not be an issue b/c they can be naturally organic and many small farmers won’t have the certification. But you need to ask about the area where the bees are pollenating. Bees can travel up to a radius of 5 miles from their hives. This is why honey from the US that is certified organic is rare. Not many people can afford to certify a 5 mile radius of land. But if the 5 mile area is in an area where people aren’t spraying their home gardens, or farms then it’s probably safe. This could be hard to find.

Ask them if they heat it at all? It should be raw as you have already learned from above.

Some say that local honey helps with allergies, and it might, but I am not sure it’s worth the other hazards, so talk to your farmer and ask the questions!

Supporting local farmers, who while they may not be certified organic, value ethical practices and have bees in rural areas where nothing is sprayed, is the best way to take action and protect the bees.

What is in our GoodOnYa bars?

Our honey is raw, unfiltered, certified organic and certified ethically treated. Our honey comes from Brazil where the bees are feeding on rain forest wild flowers. There aren’t GMO’s, pesticides or much civilization for that matter. Our green footprint might be more here but we think this is the gold standard. We have no choice but to get certified organic b/c we want every ingredient in our bar to be 100% for sure free from chemicals.

We choose raw honey for its medicinal, healing qualities and to support and protect the earths best pollinators, the bees. We are seriously in love with our honey and we go the extra lengths and incur the costs. You know why we do that? Because “every ingredients matters”……because You Matter!

Try our Delicious Peanut Butter and Raw Honey Bar. If you love Honey, you will love this bar!

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