Café Vendors

Cafe Moto

A San Diego company that is “off the grid”. 100% solar powered operation. We buy all of our organic and fair trade coffee from this incredible; long time San Diego, caring family company.

The Decker Brothers

A San Diego company that makes our vegetarian soups from scratch. My female, and at the time very young employees called me from the deli and said “ Ummmmm there are these boys here and they sell soup can we buy some” At the time I thought it was a bit strange. But when I saw how cute they were I understood the girl’ s excitement. We have been using them for years now, cute yes… but their soups are also the BEST!

Rex the Bee Keeper

I was on the hunt for local, organic honey for the GoodOnYa bar. We found Rex in Vista. Unfortunately he can’ t afford to certify the 8 mile radius required for organic bee keeping. So we decided to buy his honey and bee pollen for the café’ s. He brings us a 5-gallon bucket anytime we call, we feed him lunch and we are the lucky ones.

Bellissima Produce

One of the oldest produce companies in San Diego. Bruce took it over from his father. When we first started we were with a bigger company that dumped us after a few weeks because we didn’ t reach the minimums. Bruce rescued us and we have been with him now for almost 10 years! We became busy enough to switch back, and believe me they did call!

Sadie Rose

There was one main bread company in San Diego 10 years ago, at least that made fresh bread delivered to be used daily. Again…. we weren’ t big enough or near a route they had. Luckily someone told me about Upper Crust. Jennifer and her husband, lawyers leaving the grind, bought the company to fulfill their dreams. They took us on and have delivered our bread 5 days a week for 9 years and 9 months. They had a baby, changed the name of their business to Sadie Rose, and went all Organic! Evolving with times because they care. Totally awesome!

Monterrey Provisions

This is where we could, if we choose, get everything from cleaners to tomatoes; and it’ s what most companies do. It’ s a lot easier to use one vendor. It’ s cheaper and less time consuming on many levels. We do have to use a main grocery company for some things, and the one we choose is a local company that really cares about us as a smaller deli.

Angell Organic Candy Bars

Nothing wrong with a little chocolate now and then. This couple lives in Rancho Bernardo and drops us bars by the deli when they drive across 56.

La Provence Bakery

Here is a perfect example of why buying local matters. We could buy pastries from our grocery supplier. They would have been made weeks before and have tons of preservatives in them. You know the ones, they are sort of oily and weird and wrapped in plastic. We have to have our order in by 10am the day before so they can start making everything from scratch. They have a key to our place and drop them off in the wee hours of the morning. Yummmm.

Enrique the Avocado farmer

A friend of one of our staff, she used to trade him our day old bread for his extra avocados. Then he asked if we would be interested in buying them. He’s organic, local and brings them to our house each week. Now he is starting to grow other veggies we need on his farm specifically for us. I told him… grow it and we will buy it. His farm is in Fallbrook!

Jackie’s Jams

Jackie’s Jams is a local jam and jelly company. They work closely with local farmers to buy the best and sweetest fruit available. Since the fruit is so sweet, they can reduce the amount of pure cane sugar in the recipe, producing a low sugar jam. We never use high fructose, corn syrup, coloring or flavoring. I once saw a strawberry jam in a conventional grocery store with red #40 in it. It’s there to make the strawberry look more “strawberry”. We met Jackie at the famers Market in Ocean Beach. Enough said!

County Fare Pickles

(We even care about something that some people throw away)!

Read their site and you will never throw a pickle away again.
We aren’t messing around over here at GoodOnYa, we simply care and that’s all there is to it!

If you have up to this point we know you care and we think that’s awesome!