People Who Love Us

I was a fan at first because I love companies that not only care about the health of their customers, but the planet as well. I think there needs to be more companies out there like The GoodOnYa Bar that put their heart, soul, AMAZING INGREDIENTS and love into their products. I also saw a video on YouTube of Sean Croxton’s where you were being interviewed and you seemed like down to earth people, and I liked that. Now since I tried the bars, I AM AN AVID FAN! Keep up the amazing work!

- Kevin

just wanted to say i love your breakfast bar! i tried it for the first time at whole foods fairfax a couple of weeks ago at a demo and have been buying them ever since! i love that you use maple syrup in stead of agave. i actually feel satisfied after eating it as opposed to products that use agave i just end up craving more sugar. anyway i didn’t see the bars at the tarzana store which is where i shop a lot. hopefully they get them in there soon!


I gotta’ tell ya’, your “GoodOnYa Bar” is one of the best things I’ve ever tasted. For several years I’ve been trying to eat healthy- organic, etc. Some time ago I stumbled across US Wellness Meats and have been a faithful customer of theirs for several years. Last month I noticed your GoodOnYa Bar in their product list, and thought I’d try it. It tastes like cookie dough! You have a great product! I do plan on sharing these, so you might be getting more orders from central Illinois.

- Doug Hauber

I was just in Jimbo’s doing a little shopping. I walked right up to the health bar section and reached for my weekly GoodOnYa bar purchase. There was a woman standing there all spaced out and she asked ” are those good ?” I gave her a little run down of why I think they are amazing and we parted ways. When I got to the check out there she was w/ a bar in hand. The cashier rang me up and I decided I should buy hers just to back up how amazing I really think they are. She couldn’t believe it and was so grateful. Again, we parted ways.. I got in my car and drove away and as I did there she was waving at me and pointing at the bar while giving a big thumbs up.. I rolled my window down as she yelled “it’s so moist and flavorful thank you so much”.. It’s so easy to recommend food when it’s just so good…GoodOnYa….!!!!!!

Lora Kegler – San Diego

My sister and I ran into Whole Foods in Laguna Beach on Friday. On our way out we stopped at the Good On Ya Bar stand, had a sample, and talked to your representative for a quick second. Just wanted to tell you that both he, and the granola bar, were nice to be introduced to
that day. Keep up the good vibes, and good people working for you :)  Enjoy your week,

Adam Sweet – Long Beach

Love the new snack bars at the Sky Park location. “Incredible!” in a word…I think you have a major hit here, I like them refrigerated. Vegan and Raw, I am just going to start meal planning using you guys at Goodonya…Also of note is the Hummus is now much better, still adjusting taste buds to less salt, but again another home run. Have you guys ever thought of offering 16 oz containers of the hummus or a discount for 5 or more snack bars…Thanks for the great and healthy alternatives..

Matt Carroll, Lockheed Martin

Hi Kris,

I LOVE your new GoodOnYa bars. They are so tasty. Much better flavor than the store bought protein bars and no nasty after-taste! They just taste really healthy. I also love the fact that they have lots of fiber. I recently found out that I have to watch my cholesterol so I’m trying to look for more fibrous foods. They are DELICIOUS!

Karen Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP.


Your GoodOnYa bar tastes good.

I was reading the ingredient list – it’s a good mix of good-for-you and good-tasting (love the vanilla).

Linda Parker, GMAC RFC